Choosing A Command Board For Your Fire Department

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Choosing A Command Board For Your Fire Department

23 February 2023
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When responding to an emergency, firefighters and other emergency responders must be organized and coordinated to ensure everyone is on the same page. A fire department command board is a critical tool for achieving this level of organization. These boards allow responders to track and display information about the status of the incident and the resources available to them.

Tip: Ensure The Fire Department Command Board Is Large Enough  

The size of a fire department command board is the first thing to consider when selecting one. The board must be large enough to be easy to read and hold all the information you need to put on it. In a high-stress situation, the last thing you want is for responders to strain to read the information on the board.

Additionally, a larger board allows you to display more information, which can be critical during a complex incident. Consider the amount of information you typically need to display on the board and choose a size that will accommodate that information without becoming too cluttered.

Tip: Choose A Command Board That Is Easy To Clean

Another key element to consider when selecting a fire department command board is its ease of cleaning. Speed is vital in an emergency, and you do not want to squander valuable minutes cleaning the board. Dry-erase boards are an effective option that is easy to clean and can use various styles of markers.

Magnetic boards are another option to make it easier to use the board. These allow you to move pieces around on the board rather than writing on them directly. This can be especially useful for tracking resources and personnel during a complex incident.

Tip: Have An Area For Storing The Command Board

Ideally, the fire department command board is not needed frequently. It should be safely stored when it is not in use to prevent it from deteriorating. Also, the board may become damaged or lost if you do not have dedicated storage areas. This could be disastrous in an emergency.

Ensure that the storage area is easily accessible, so responders can quickly retrieve the board when needed. The area should protect the command board from the elements, such as water, which can degrade the board.

Tip: Opt for a Command Board That Can Be Set Up Quickly

A command board that takes too long to set up can hinder responders' ability to quickly and effectively respond to the situation. Opting for a command board with a quick setup can be critical. Consider purchasing a board with a carrying case, which can help ensure it is easy to transport.