What To Consider As You Choose Dish Tables For Your Business

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What To Consider As You Choose Dish Tables For Your Business

13 June 2022
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Dish tables are surfaces designed to make working in a commercial kitchen more streamlined and organized. Many dish tables have sinks built-in to help make pre-rinsing more convenient. There are many options to consider as you contemplate which type of dish tables you need for your commercial use. Here are some things to think about:

What Are the Tables Made From?

The construction of the dish tables is one important consideration. The dish tables should have a raised perimeter to prevent liquid from running onto the floor. Many models are made from stainless steel to ensure strength and durability. Some tables may use galvanized steel for the shelving under the tables and the legs. The tables should also have crossbars made of steel that connect the legs to store extra items.

What Shape Dish Tables Do You Need?

Before you purchase your dish tables, you need to think about the room they will be in. There are different configurations to choose from to best optimize the workflow in your space. Dish tables can be configured left to right or right to left, depending on the elements in the room. You can choose a dish table that fits into a corner or those that have a backsplash to minimize water getting on the walls and floor. There are also island-designed dish tables if you prefer the washing station in the center of the room. Keep in mind where your dishwasher will be stationed as you choose the shape and size of your dish tables.

Is There More Than One Type of Dish Table?

There are both soiled and clean dish tables. The soiled table is for dirty dishes while the clean table is for washed dishes. Soiled dish tables have a pre-rinsing station to remove food particles and a hole to dispose of food. There is a shelf underneath to place dish racks when you are not using them. Clean dish tables are flat and long to accommodate the dishes coming off the racks as they are cleaned. Some models have a switch to prevent dish trays from getting backed up.

What Other Accessories Are Available?

As you choose your dish tables, consider purchasing additional accessories to make the dishwashing process easier. For example, a pre-rinse faucet is useful to help spray pressurized water on the dirty dishes. You can also purchase a pre-rinse basket to catch any food particles in the sink and help prevent any clogs in the drains.

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