Why Brass Is A Great Fabrication Choice

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Why Brass Is A Great Fabrication Choice

30 September 2021
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When you're looking for the right metal for any kind of industrial or fabrication project, you may be considering many different options, including steel, copper, and brass. While brass isn't necessarily as common as some of the others, it's a highly underrated metal that you shouldn't dismiss as an option. Before you choose the metal that you want to use, you should understand why brass is a great solution. Here are some of the advantages that you'll get from using brass for almost any application.

Durable Metal

When you are looking for something that can hold up to the demands that you'll place on it, you may not necessarily be thinking of brass. However, brass is a great choice for this type of situation because it's a highly durable metal. Being non-ferrous, it's not vulnerable to corrosion, so you don't need to worry about it deteriorating for that reason. You may find that brass tarnishes, but it's nothing more than a surface change of aesthetics. There's no change to the durability of the brass beneath. 

Distinctive Appearance

One of the things that can attract many people to brass is its distinctive coloring and appearance. If you're looking for something that has a deep, rich color similar to that of gold but with more depth to the color, brass is a great choice. Even when brass tarnishes, it's still left with an attractive, decorative appearance that conveys wealth and quality. No matter what you're building, brass can contribute a unique aesthetic appeal to the final product. 


In a time when viruses and bacteria are taking center stage in the media, choosing a metal that's known for its antibacterial properties can be a real selling point. In fact, brass has been shown to easily destroy pathogens, bacteria, and microbes. The ions present in brass due to the copper content target these organisms and destroy them quickly and easily. You can market your final products as having natural antibacterial properties, which can be a real selling point for those concerned about viruses and illness.

No matter what the product will be used for, durability, appearance, and safety are all important considerations. That's what makes brass such a great choice for fabrication and industrial applications. You can be confident that your brass products will last for many years, will continue to look great throughout their lifespan, and can help to reduce the bacterial load with natural ion presence.