5 Different Types Of Industrial Mixers

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5 Different Types Of Industrial Mixers

18 June 2021
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Industrial mixers are used for a wide range of purposes. They are designed to mix together liquids and solids using different methods such as emulsifying, homogenizing, and blending to create a single substance that can be used to create a final product. As a result, industrial mixers are used across almost all conceivable industries.

1. Planetary Mixers

Planetary mixers are generally used within the cooking industry. However, they are also used for chemical mixing. A planetary mixer has agitators that move around in an orbital pattern along the outer edges of the mixing bowl, moving along an axis like an elliptical or circular shape. The action of the agitators is how this particular mixer gets its name.

2. Silicone Mixer

A silicone mixer gains its name based on the materials that it works with. A silicone mixer is primarily used in the industrial sector. This mixer features bladeless technology, helping to reduce messes and clean-up.

With a silicone mixer, you load the materials into it, and then program it with the right setting and let it run. When it is done running, you will have a mixture that is the exact consistency you need for your project.

3. Food Mixer

A food processing mixer is designed to give the food items you put into it a particular appearance once everything is mixed together. Food mixers can usually perform a wide range of functions, such as folding, kneading, mixing, blending, or even whipping ingredients together.

A food mixer can be used to create a final food product, or it can be one step along the way in the food preparation process. Food mixers are created in a manner so that they are as sanitary as possible to meet federal and state health and food regulations.

4. Homogenizer

A homogenizer is a special type of mixer. It is designed to take materials and ensure that all ingredients added to the mixture are completely broken down. It is used to create things where a homogenized mixture is necessary. For example, it is often used to create cosmetic products as well as pharmaceutical products, where the product needs to be identical throughout.  

5. Batch Mixer

A batch mixer is for when you need to add different materials to the mixer and blend them for different lengths of time. For example, you can add one material, blend it for about five minutes, add another material and blend for ten minutes, and add the final material and blend for seven minutes. Batch mixers are designed to make it easy to continue to add products to a mixer and mix each product for different lengths of time.

These are just a few of the different types of industrial mixers you can invest in for your operation. If you have something that needs to be mixed, talk to an industrial equipment mixer supplier to figure out the best industrial mixer for your needs. They can provide more information regarding equipment like planetary mixers