Finding The Right Parts For Your Tractor Restoration Project

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Finding The Right Parts For Your Tractor Restoration Project

13 January 2021
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Restoring older farming equipment can be very rewarding, and the project may take a lot of time because finding the right parts for classic tractors, like Farmall tractors, can be a fun challenge. Knowing where to look and talking to other people with a similar passion for restoration can help, especially if you are looking for extremely rare or scarce parts.

Farm Equipment Shows

Attending farming equipment shows where a lot of vintage machinery is on display can be a great place to make some contacts and talk to people who have restored antique tractors or other machines that are similar to your project. Sometimes just talking with these people and asking questions about how and where they located parts for their project can help uncover some information you didn't already have. 

Discussing their project and telling them about yours can often be a great ice breaker, and asking about how they found some parts for their restoration can be helpful. In some cases, they may have parts that they are willing to sell or trade if you need them, so don't be afraid to ask once you know them a little. 

Sometimes these contacts can be beneficial, so leaving your name and number with them in case they find something you could use is worthwhile. Make sure that you offer an exchange of information, so you are offering them information that you find as well.

Equipment Flea Markets

Flea markets and swap meets are a great way to find things you need for your project. An equipment flea market may be filled with hard-to-find parts, but you may have to travel to the event because they will not always be conveniently located near a large city.

Often, events like these are national or regional events, so they can attract collectors and restorers from a long way away who may have parts for antique tractors to sell or trade. If you plan on attending a farming equipment flea market or swap meet, bring any parts that you are not going to use with you. They could be the best currency you have at a show like this, especially if you can find something you need, and the owner needs what you have.

Traditional Parts Suppliers

Many parts suppliers around still have some old parts on the shelf that have never been sold. It may mean taking some time and research to find them, but if you do, finding these parts can be like finding treasure. Plan to spend some time online or making phone calls if you are looking for new old stock or forgotten parts, and if you find the right parts, the effort will be worth the time.