3 Shelving Structures To Consider For Your Warehouse

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3 Shelving Structures To Consider For Your Warehouse

8 March 2019
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In any industrial setting, proper organization and storage space is an all-out must. Therefore, a lot should go into picking out the best types of shelving units. In a warehouse setting where storage is part of your overall business operation, shelving becomes even more important. Take a look at some of the different types of industrial shelving solutions and the benefits of each so you can make the best decisions for your warehouse facility. 

Pallet Rack Shelving 

Pallet rack shelving is by far the most popular type of shelving units in a warehouse setting. These large steel shelving racks are designed to accommodate the size of traditional palletized merchandise. Stacked in multiple tiers from the floor to the ceiling, pallet rack shelving units serve warehouses really well and offer superior storage that is efficient and functional. Some of the advantages of pallet rack shelving include: 

  • The shelving is fully expandable, so it fits in large or small spaces
  • The shelving can have additional fixtures added, such as drawer systems for smaller items
  • The shelving is highly resilient and heavy-duty

Pallet racking is oftentimes bolted right to the floor for the utmost in stability, which works well in areas where forklifts and other equipment is in use. 

Rivet Shelving 

Rivet shelving is most often smaller in height, but it is a functional type of shelving for smaller items. The shelves on rivet shelving are usually solid, and the shelves themselves are simple to install because of the riveted columns along each side where the shelves snap in place. Most warehouse business owners use this type of shelving for the storage of small items, such as un-boxed books, small packages, or un-palletized merchandise. One of the bigger advantages of rivet shelving is that it can be pretty small, which allows you to install this storage solution in even small spaces. 

Industrial Storage Racks 

Industrial storage racks are a lot like pallet rack systems because they are fully expandable. Some people refer to this type of shelving solution as wide span shelving systems because the wide-spaced shelves on these racks are capable of handling some rather large items. These shelves are designed to be accessed from either side. Therefore, the shelving works really well for installation in an aisle-type layout in which items will need to be accessed from two different sides. Industrial storage racks can come in a lot of different styles and are fairly easy to install.  

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