Managing Your Oilfield and Renting the Right Equipment

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Managing Your Oilfield and Renting the Right Equipment

6 March 2019
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The more you prepare yourself to tackle jobs in the oilfield industry, the easier it will be for you to thrive. It takes some diligence, the right oilfield equipment, and an understanding of how to use that equipment for you to receive the results that you're looking for. The industry is steady with the potential for growth at the moment, but since the competition is fierce, you need to avoid mistakes as much as possible. If you'd like to grow with the industry and handle your work accordingly, consider the following tips to managing your oilfield. 

Get a breakdown of the oilfield equipment and services you need, and always be prepared with replacements

The first step in a flourishing oilfield is to make sure that you are using the right equipment for the job. This means accounting for how you operate on a day to day basis and making sure that you have the equipment that'll carry you through. For instance, you might need excavators, bulldozers, stabbing guides, overhead cranes, or mud cleaners to conduct your work on a regular basis. 

It's of the utmost importance that you talk to an oilfield equipment supplier that can assist you in handling whatever work you need. These companies often have fleets of equipment that can tackle every job you need in the oilfield. The rental prices will depend on how many different machines you need to get your hands on, and for what amount of time you need them. Do yourself a favor and shop with a number of different rental professionals to make sure that you are getting service that you need. 

Break down your work site each day and keep accurate records

Record keeping is of the utmost importance on your oilfield. When you manage your records, it's easier to know how many hours you have been using your oilfield equipment, which personnel have been pulling shifts, and what incidents took place on the site. Keeping these records allows you to maintain your oilfield equipment properly and also ensures that you are doing what's best for your contractors. 

Some of the major points of maintenance that you will need to look into include checking the engine, maintaining fuel lines, and looking for leaks. You'll also need to provide trailers for contractors to use and keep those in great condition as well. 

Use these tips so that you can get the best from your oilfield, and speak to your oilfield equipment rental service for more tips.