3 Things to Look for in Truck Bodies

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3 Things to Look for in Truck Bodies

1 March 2019
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Adding a truck service body to a regular pickup truck totally evolves its capabilities. Your vehicle becomes a mobile storage place for your business efforts. However, not all truck bodies are made the same, and you do have to make sure what you get will be fitting for the intended purpose. Take a look at some of the things to look for in the best-built truck body for your pickup truck. 

Look for a truck body that's going to give you the best fit. 

Not all truck bodies are going to fit truck models the same, no matter how carefully you measure and pay attention to the specs. Some truck body dealers actually offer free fittings for your consideration before you make a purchase. The reason for this free fitting is so you can "try on" the truck body and make sure it is a good, stable fit. If you get the opportunity to do a free fitting, check out some things before making your final decision. For example, make sure there is not a wide gap between the cab of the truck and the new truck body. This added gap can decrease stability overall. 

Look for a truck body that looks good with your existing truck. 

You may need the function of a truck body, but you should never add a truck body without considering how it will change the appearance of your vehicle. After all, you don't want to pull in to a job site looking like you are driving a work truck that's been pieced together. The truck body you find should complement the appearance of the truck it will go on to so your truck ultimately looks put together and exudes professionalism. 

Look for a truck body that is constructed with stable hardware. 

Just like your truck, your truck body must be made in a way that it can take the rigors of the road without falling apart or breaking down. If improper hardware is used to construct the truck body, you could lose some parts over time to damage. For instance, if shelving inside integrated tool cabinets is not secured with hardware that can withstand a little force, the hardware can break and cause the shelves to collapse. You should be opening up cabinets, examining corner brackets, and otherwise taking a close look to make sure every last section and implement of the truck body is secured with good hardware.