Before Installing More Pallet Racks: What To Consider

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Before Installing More Pallet Racks: What To Consider

28 February 2019
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If your shop is doing well and you want to keep more inventory in stock on your site, you'll likely need new pallet racks. However, before you contact someone to install them, you should be considering these rack details.

1-Have You Sought Rack Permits?

If racks have been part of the building as long as you've owned it, permit applications may not be something you're concerned with. However, your city could very well require them because of the fire risk. A short phone call to the appropriate municipal office should settle it; if applications are necessary, you can work on them immediately.

2-Is There Adequate Floor Space?

Interior space is valuable to any retailer, even if it's in the shop's storage room. Before installing new racks, be honest about whether there will be sufficient room for employees to fetch the products they need. If the space is large enough to accommodate forklifts and other vehicles, you'll also need more aisle space for those. Don't attempt to crowd in racks; your installer will tell you what aisle widths are suitable and safe.

3-What is the Health of Current Racks?

Your new racks will be intact and strong, but how are the old ones doing? Do they sag near the center? If they're wood, are some racks splitting? If metal, are they rusting? Depending on existing rack condition, you may decide to just remove all the old racks and install everything new. This could save you from having to deal with replacing broken racks later or dealing with injuries or damage related to aging pallet racks.

4-Do You Need Racks with Different Weight Limits?

To protect new racks, all employees will need to know--and not violate--load limits. If your inventory includes products of vastly different rates, you may explore the idea of having different areas for racks with different weight limits.

5-Can Custom Racks Help Us?

Installing custom racks are a good long-term decision for your storage area if you have unusually-sized products and objects. In addition, if you expand even further or change locations to a larger warehouse, the custom rack plan can be duplicated so that new racks will always match what you're installing now.

Considering all these rack-related issues now will ensure that you not only get the new racks necessary, but that your entire system is appropriate and dependable. Rack installation professionals, such as from SINGLE SOURCE SYSTEMS, can assess existing racks and suggest more ideas.