How To Care For, And Operate, Your Pool Pump Correctly

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How To Care For, And Operate, Your Pool Pump Correctly

27 February 2019
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Pool pumps don't often get much praise. However, when it comes to enjoying your pool, this achievement wouldn't exactly be possible without a pump. Pool pumps help keep the pool safe and keep the water looking sparkly and clean. Not only does your pool pump require respect, but it also requires proper treatment.

Choose Wisely

If your pool was custom designed and built, you were likely overwhelmed with all the different options to choose from. After all, a pool is a pool, right? Just like your experience taught you that all pools are not the same, remember that all pool pumps aren't the same. You need to select a pump that is sized to accommodate the size of your pool. 

A pump that is too small means slower suction and ultimately dirtier water. A pump that is too big means increased energy costs. The size of the pump should correlate with the number of gallons your pool holds. A technician can help you make this determination. 

Clean Often

Make sure you don't forget to clean the pump's collection basket. The role of the basket is to trap all the debris filtered from the water, almost like a waste can. In the same way that you have to empty your waste can from time to time to leave room for more waste, the pump basket must be emptied. 

If you fail to empty the basket, no more waste can go inside. As a result, you will operate the pump, but it won't help you remove any debris from the water. How often you clean your pool has to do with use. For example, if you use your pool daily, you will need to clean the basket more often.

Operate With Balance

Unfortunately, some people don't exactly know how to operate their pool pump with balance. For example, there is one group of people that don't think a pool can ever be too clean. People in this group will often run their pump almost nonstop. However, this type of operation doesn't make the pool anymore clean, increases their operating cost, and puts extra wear on the unit. 

On the other hand, people that don't operate the pump often enough have dirtier water and actually shorten the lifespan of the pump because it has to work harder when it is finally operated. Set a schedule and stick with it, such as operating the pump once daily. 

While it's essential to maintain your pool pump, it's important to understand that things sometimes happen. If your pump is damaged or in need of repair, make sure you contact a company like Speck Pumps, as the issue will not repair itself or disappear. Repair the pump so that you can get back to enjoying your pool.