Three Benefits Of Buying A Commercial Vacuum For Home Use

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Three Benefits Of Buying A Commercial Vacuum For Home Use

26 February 2019
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There are so many different vacuum manufacturers out there. When you need a new vacuum, how do you choose? You might go through ten different vacuums in your lifetime alone, depending on your choices in vacuum cleaners. Maybe it is time to purchase a commercial vacuum cleaner, like the ones used by housekeeping in hotels and resorts. Here are three benefits of purchasing and using a commercial vacuum for home use. 

They Are Designed to Last Longer

Have you ever heard any stories about a commercial vacuum breaking down and needing replacement? It is not exactly common party talk. While it does happen from time to time that commercial vacuums finally give out, they are actually designed to last a very long time because the manufacturers know that the vacuums are used to clean numerous carpets every single day of the year. When you only vacuum your carpets a couple times a week (at best), that vacuum is going to last a long time for you.

They Have TONS of Accessories

If you think you can use a vacuum to clean something, there is probably an accessory that will help you do the job. With commercial vacuums, there are dozens of attachments, each with their own assigned task for cleaning. The best part is that you can pick and choose which accessories you want to purchase, and you never have to feel pressured to buy all of the accessories because the manufacturer generally assumes that the vacuum is for commercial use. 

If the Vacuum Does Need Repairs, There Are Always Parts for Sale

It is rare that a commercial vacuum, when used in accordance with its assumed purpose and tasks, ends up needing repairs and/or replacement parts. For example, if you buy a Windsor Versamatic, Windsor Versamatic vacuum parts are warehoused and in stock all the time. You can order what you need directly from the company, and it is shipped directly to the address you give them, no questions asked. Then you can choose to either fix the vacuum yourself, or take it to a certified vacuum repair shop for the vacuum brand you bought, and the repair technician there can fix it for you without having to wait for the part. 

Warranties on Commercial Vacuums

Warranties on commercial vacuums are pretty good. They cover parts within so many years of purchase, even though they generally do not have many repair needs. They may also have a proviso for a full vacuum replacement, but only if the vacuum style and brand you purchased is recalled.